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Eagle Property Services Inc looks forward to providing current and future tenants with nice, well maintained and comfortable housing. EPS works diligently in finding the right house for the right tenant building long lasting relationships with both the owner and the tenant. It is our duty to provide the investor with great service, as little turn over as possible, maintain and protect the quality of the property.

Tenant Responsibilities:

How do I apply for a property?

  • There is an online application or you can visit our office and fill out an application.
  • Application Fee $25.00

How do I view a property?

  • Call the office or come by and schedule an appointment for a showing of the property.

What is the move in and move out procedures?

  • An office member will go to the property with you and do a move in inspection report.
  • At the time of move out an office member will go and do an exiting inspection report.

When is my rent due?

  • Rents are generally due on the 1st of each month.
  • A late fee of $50.00 will be applied to any rents received after the 5th of the month on monthly payments.
  • EPS does have weekly lease agreements as well and those rents are due on each Friday and late by the following Tuesday.
  • For each week that a rent payment is late there will be a $12.50 a week late fee charged.
  • EPS does not accept cash payments.You can pay online, by money order, cashiers check or personal check.
  • If paying by personal check and it is returned for non-sufficient funds there will be additional charges and you will be asked to start paying by money orders.

If you do not pay your rent then EPS will start the eviction process after giving you a 3 day notice.


  • Tenant is required to report any maintenance issues as soon as they arise.
  • If it is an emergency maintenance issue such as, broken water lines, hot water heater, heating and air, etc... then contact the 24 hour emergency number.
  • If it is not an emergency then you fill out the online maintenance request form or you can call the office and report it to the staff.
  • You can also email your request.

Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Tenant will report any maintenance issues as soon as they are noticed.
  • Garbage will be disposed of in the proper receptacle or you can get garbage service if there is not a receptacle provided.
  • You can also take your garbage to the dump once a week but must be in an outdoor trash can with a lid and closed at all times.
  • If during our inspections trash is found in other areas than the trash can or dumpster you will receive a warning and the 2nd time you will receive an additional fine.
  • If you smoke dispose of cigarette butts in a garbage can not the parking lot or yard.
  • Lawns must be maintained / cut and kept neat and clean unless a landscaping service is provided.
  • If your lease allows for pets it is your responsibility to clean up after them.